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            Part 1 – Party Time / Play                              Part 2 – Blues and Rock

             By Ear / Rhythm Piano                                                       Roll

          Play gr eat rhythm s tyle piano straigh t                 Now you can play some  gr eat Blues an

          away with piano chords, 15 classic party                  Rock ‘n’ Roll P iano. In stantly recogn isa
          rhythms , terriwc piano chord balla ds, lots              rhythms  that can be used for hundred

          of keyboard diagrams , tricks, bluffs,                    classic songs . Ama ze your friends with
          formu las and loads of progressions in the                sounds of Fat’s Domi no, Je rr y Lee Lew

          style of classic songs . Wi thin days you’ll              Little Richard and a host of others. It’s
          be the li fe and soul of the party!                       easy when you know how!

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       Everything in Pianoforall

       is exactly where you need

       it to be.

       You don’t have to search your computer for lots of               les and have lots of windows


       A s you go through  each ebook you can click on either Audio or Video and INSTANTLY
       hear or see what you are reading a bout – RIGHT THERE ON THE PAGE!
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